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                                            Characteristics of Beautiful Book Covers

People fall in love with their books, literally! They tend to wake next to it, sip coffee with it, remember it while bathing and cuddle up besides it all day long. The fascinating stories and the mesmerising characters contribute to this love affair but a lot of credit also goes to its beautiful cover. You will get more information about the book cover designs by visiting the site . If you want to know more, then visit the site . You can also visit the site to learn more. According to, a leading book cover design firm Rocking Book Covers, publishers have different ideas about beauty of book covers but the most popular ones have following characteristics:

Deep: A beautiful book cover is so artistic and meaningful that the one who looks at it feels the emotions weaved in the design. The book cover will be no less than a painting with artistic thoughts in every stroke. It will tend to give a 3D effect. Reader will get drawn to it and will want to know more about the place, person or thing shown on the book cover.

Tempting: A beautiful book cover is usually not a straight forward piece of art. It is an introduction to the book. It quizzes the reader with an art symbolic of the book’s story. It is like a trailer to a movie. A beautiful book cover will entice the one looking at it and will tempt him to look inside.

Indicative: A book reader knows that he does not have to skim through every book in the library to make a selection. A regular reader can look at a book cover and judge its contents. A beautiful book cover is attractive enough for its specific target audience. For instance, a philosophical book will usually have an abstract art or a thought provoking quote.

Though it is not advisable, readers often judge a book by its cover. This makes publishers pay special attention to its design and meaning. A beautiful book cover will attract an onlooker and make him fall in love with it.